Anonymous asked:

I"m having a hard time moving on from a relationship ..he's dated many other girls since.. I haven't dated anyone .. How can I move on and start to date other guys? I obviously know it's time to move on .. But sometimes I get curious and look in his IG .. And then get mad when I see he has the new girlfriend on there ...

baringitallforlove answered:

Honestly girl its all time… I’ve been through this more times than I can count…time heals all wounds…
Also I created art… idk if you are into art music wtiting or whatever but just get yourself into more things. Go out and enjoy life. Go out with your girlfriends meet some guys and if they are up to your standards talk to them. As for the checking of the social media im a culprit of that crap.. the only way to stop is to make a serious conscious effort. Like seriously thats what I did. And before I knew it it was days and the weeks that I would actually go and have a look.
He is moving on so you should too. I know you still feel something for him and its hard to just be like oh forget about them, but you have to consider your happiness in the end because he is only thinking of his.
Does he ever reach out to talk to you or anything? If not then jonestly I say delete him because you are only torturing yourself mentally and emotionally… and its yeilding you from moving on and forward.
Make yourself happy girl. Dont hold on to something or someone that isnt trying to hold on to you. (I feel like such a hypocrite saying this because I am kinda sorta in the same boat, but hey I’ll share my advice and its up to you on whether or not you want to use it)
Hope I helped.
Much live and good luck